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Another Bulman in Kirkland and the Strange Case of Jeremiah Boss (Alias Jeremiah Ingalls)

This is a very funny game. This picture is a part of it as you will see below. However, it all started when I stumbled across this message while looking for something else and found another female Bulman in Kirkland. Of course, my suspicion is that she is the daughter of Jeremiah and Abigail.

Need information on both parents:
Adam Boss b. ca 1780, Mohawk, NY, unknown where buried, m. Lydia Cary b. ca 1784 Mass, d. May 5, 1860 aged 76 Kirkland NY, Lydia is buried in Deansboro, Oneida Co., NY. Four children--All lived in Oneida Co. NY:
Aron b. 1809, a son Leroy b. ca 1843? no documented marriage
Adam b. 1815 d. 1894 m. Sally Smith, no children
Stephen b. 1818 m. Lucina Bulman, c.13, the 1st Jeremiah b. 1843
Henry Alex b. 12 May 1828 Deansville, NY, d. 25 Feb 1912
In the 1850 Federal Census for Kirkland we have:

Stephen Boss 31
Lucina Boss 28

Jeremiah Boss 7

Levi Boss 4

Lucina Boss 3

Adoni Boss 2

Henry Boss 20

In the 1860 Federal Census for the Clinton Post Office, Kirkland we have:

Stephen Boss 42

Lucina Boss 40

Lorenzo Boss 21

Jeremiah Boss 17

Levi Boss 14

Lucina Boss 13

Milton A. Boss 12

Stephen Boss 8

Theodore P. Boss 6

Eliza J. Boss 4

Harriet V. Boss 3

Susan M. Boss 1

And, for the 1870 Federal Census in Kirkland we have:

Stephen Boss 51

Lucina Boss 49

Theodore Boss 16

Harriet Boss 13

Douglass Boss 8

Josephine Boss 4

Jeremiah was also working for Phineas M. and Fanny Miller as a domestic in 1860 Census data. He would enlist in Company I, New York 26th Regiment (the 2nd Oneida Regiment) on 21 May 1861 at the age of 18 and would be mustered out with the Regiment on 28 May 1863. According to the Utica Morning Health and Daily Gazette casualty lists of 19 December 1862, he was wounded in the thigh with a ball. This was at the Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Given that he mustered out with the rest of the regiment in May 1863, he was not entirely crippled. Many men went on to reenlist in other regiments after the muster out. I am not sure about Jeremiah. But, see the mystery beginning to emerge below.

There are many other connections among the Boss family and the other families of Marshall, Kirkland and Augusta. However, their full exploration will have to wait. There are especially other connections with the Millers. I have always thought that there might be connections between the Bulman families and the Millers and Smiths. We will have to see.

Jeremiah is an interesting story that I have not gotten to the bottom of, yet. He takes an alias, Ingalls; perhaps he has taken this name from his wife Margaret who applies for a widow's pension in Minnesota. Jeremiah himself is granted the invalid pension initially in December of 1864. It will be increased by statute in February of 1906. Margaret continues to receive the pension as a widow on her application in 1916 according to various sources.

The Statute at the head of the post was approved during the 54th Congress on 5 February 1906, Session 1:1458. It reads:

Chap. 144--An Act Granting an Increase of pension to Jeremiah Ingalls alias Jeremiah Boss.

Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States of American in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, authorised and directed to place on the pension roll, subject to the provisions and limitations of the pension laws, the name of Jeremiah Ingalls alias Jeremiah Boss, late of Company I, Twenty-sixth Regiment New York Volunteer Infantry, and pay him a pension at the rate of twenty-four dollars per month in lieu of that he is now receiving.
Sadly, neither of his parents lived very long after the 1870 Federal Census. The following can be found for the Deansboro Cemetery (many stories to be worked out such as that of Henry and Achsah):

Boss, Achsah b. 1842 d. Oct. 19, 1912 69yrs. Sec. 5 pg. 28
Boss, Adam b. 1815 d. Oct. 9, 1897 Sec. 5 pg. 19
Boss, Benjamin d. Jan. 20, 1887 pg. 14
Boss, Clinton d. April 30, 1941 pg. 42
Boss, Harrie M. d. Nov. 30, 1888 pg. 15
Boss, Henry A. b. 1828 d. Feb. 25, 1913 Sec. 5 pg. 28
Boss, Julia M. b. 1845 d. Dec. 24, 1908(st) 1909(Rec.) Sec. 1 pg.25
Boss, Levi T. d. Oct. 4, 1894 60yrs. Sec. 1 pg. 18 C. K 117th Regt. N.Y.V.
Boss, Lucina d. Sept. 12, 1871 50y 9m pg. 7
Boss, Lydia d. May 5, 1860 76yrs. pg. 4
Boss, Milton A. b. 1848 d. May 2, 1887 39y 2m Sec. 1 pg. 14
Boss, Sally Smith b. 1818 d. March 31, 1895 76y 6m 17d Sec. 1 pg.18
Boss, Susan d. June 1_, 1870 11y 4m pg. 7
Boss, Stephen d. April 5, 1875 57y 7m 15d pg. 9

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  1. This is a very interesting story. I am a descendent of Jeremiah Ingalls and Margaret Gemmel and found out about a year ago that Jeremiah (Jerry) had an alias of Boss. I haven't been able to figure out who Jeremiah Boss was.

    I have also seen an alias of Jeremiah Bass.

    The information that I have is that he was born 10 Apr 1843 in Syracuse, New York and his father was named Jeremiah Ingalls.

    I have some information on this family in Minnesota if you are interested. My father's grandmother was Ada Pheobe Ingalls. My father knew her and her brother Bert and sister Victoria.

    I traveled to Minnesota a couple of years ago to do research on this family.

    You can contact me at grot44 at